and the world turned Blue :-)

July 5, 2011 by 44 Comments

and the world turned Blue 🙂
Super Yachts
Image by Princess K8
Blue stars burn to flames
As I look for the answer to my heart
Cold blue hands-
Warmed by a single touch.


Can a single color really show how someone is, when one is in love? *super dooper kilig*

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44 Replies to “and the world turned Blue :-)”

  1. Princess K8 says:

    Yes it can!!! wwhhheeeeeee! Blue is LOVE!!!

  2. joelCgarcia says:

    wow! this is a different level.

  3. - Canon 7D Rocks!!! says:

    Awesome Shot

  4. j_aubz says:

    wow…Ganda! HMB!

  5. FoNgEtZ says:

    Oi ang ganda naman ng treatment neto Lady K8.
    Astig ha…
    H M B !!!

  6. | DG | says:

    The blues… are cool. Great mood.

    : )

  7. AbA49k says:

    wow………awesome shot……….

  8. maraculio says:

    speechless me hanep ang exposure!!!! husay!

  9. Ronnie (Catching up...) says:

    Very nice… reflections were captured well…

  10. ♥HonBless♥ says:


    ~*super dooper kilig* ~

  11. Zeetz Jones says:

    How poetic you are. A great image for a Happy Blue MOnday.
    HBM to you!

  12. Inkblots™ says:

    great choice of white balance settings!

  13. Merly *Sunflower* Busy *on and off* says:

    Wow sa ganda! Bluetiful Happy Monday!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  14. pogs13 (on & off) says:

    Ganda naman ng reflection, nice work K8

  15. Eric Evangelista says:

    the mood…one killer shot, kate!!

  16. polzkie says:

    Galing ng Tones!!!

  17. bingle. says:


  18. jmdiocos says:

    ey K8 ang swabe naman nyan! cool mood!

  19. mang M says:

    K8 is inlab? Wheeeee!

  20. A l y s s a... says:

    This capture was seen in Through your eyes …

  21. aladybug says:

    buti pala mga blue ang posts ko now 😀 fave fave fave

  22. JoLiz says:

    Nice blue tones!

  23. jiformales (yajo) - super busy .... says:

    wow.. ganda nito K8.. love the lights, reflections and tone

  24. imago2007 (on an extended Flickr break) says:

    you must be in love! hehe. this is a blue sensation! awesome reflections and star bursts.

  25. Ronaldo F Cabuhat says:

    Beautiful exposure!

  26. julesnene says:

    Parang blue diamonds!

  27. Alj_manila says:

    Super dooper ganda!!!

  28. Lulot Ruiz says:

    ahihihihi! inspiring shot!
    at inspired ang Kate siguro nga may habibi na sya!

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  29. gus45colt says:

    This photo is award winning, you deserve another one

  30. leograttoni says:

    b>Vista en:
    Libre // Freedom // Freiheit // Liberté // Libertà // 自由
    Un grupo Libre
    Gracias por ser parte del grupo y compartir tus fotos sin ningún compromiso

  31. felgab says:

    This capture was seen in Through your eyes …

  32. Chiqui (Kat•Shots) Pineda-Azimi says:

    hey, hey, sister k! ;*
    we are both in BLUE mode.

    how sweeeeet.

    miss u too. 🙁

  33. jett366 says:


  34. grazzzi11 (10,000 Busy) says:


    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  35. Gilbert Rondilla says:

    ganda naman 😀 iba pumitik pag kilig mode 😀

  36. REM (rembcc) says:

    Love the blue!

  37. Fotografy86 says:

    Great shot!

  38. tcfew gimiks says:


  39. synapz557 says:

    Great shot ! nice reflections !

  40. Eric Austria says:

    intoxicating blues, kate. love the reflections here. ang galing mo naman, kapatid.

  41. pareng_borj says:

    wow! hope you don’t have a blue xmas 🙂

  42. chateaubalu says:

    excellent shot !!

  43. maestro1020 says:

    nice ate!! hehehe.. dalang na ako ngayon makapag flickr.. busy na sa school and THESIS!! hehehe.. ingat!

  44. Ituttuti says:

    Galing galing!

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