Audi Trimaran Hybrid Yacht Concept

October 20, 2011 by No Comments

Audi Trimaran Hybrid Yacht Concept has a length of 15 meters and a width of 6.4 meters, providing enough space for 12 people.

Audi Trimaran Hybrid Yacht Concept

Audi Trimaran Hybrid Yacht is the work of Stefan Behringer, a designer who explains the idea behind this hybrid luxury yacht. Audi Trimaran is a new concept, which includes two ski jets in a motorboat. Architecture, the yacht is based on a trimaran. Propulsion is provided by two engines, light-powered Audi diesel and jet ski’s are electrically operated.

Audi Trimaran Hybrid Yacht Concept

Jet skis can propel the boat to speeds of 8 knots offshore. To achieve a speed of 30 knots while operating two diesel engines. Accelerates strongly when the two electric motors “assist” diesel engines, thus realizing a fuel. Such hybrid systems found on cars, diesel engines of the boat works as a generator, charging batteries that powers two electric jet skis.

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