Beneteau 52 ST Murray Yacht Sales

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The Swift Trawler 52, the Bénéteau power boat fleets new flagship, holds high the aims and values of the brand. Above all, the Swift Trawler 52 is a large yacht with excellent sea-keeping qualities, conceived for living at sea. Made in the image of other Bénéteau boats, it is born of a passion shared by the boatyard and their designer/interior designer. The Swift Trawler 52s semi-planing hull, designed by Bénéteaus Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt, gives increased performance compared to the Trawlers classic displacement hulls, whilst retaining the exceptional seakeeping qualities. The unique experience of Joubert and Nivelt combined with the advanced basin tests of the hull have produced the right balance between performance and seaworthiness. The interior design has been entrusted to a great expert accustomed to maxi yachts: Pierre Frutschi. Contemporary, simple and elegant, the interior layout of the Swift Trawler 52 creates a warm atmosphere that invites you to live aboard. The use of woods of contrasting colours, fruit-tree and Wenge type, emphasises the stylish lines of the furnishings. The tones vary between these warm shades and the soft sand/beige colour of the upholstery, and the whole is bathed in natural light. First and foremost, the layout of the Swift Trawler 52 has been designed for ease of life aboard in maximum comfort. The wheelhouse deck accommodates the main living room: the saloon and its extension, the galley separated by a counter suspended on a

Fourth single by this fine late seventies outfit.
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