Best yacht places to visit in Bahrain

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Bahrain geographical confines is not very wide but still there are some of the breathtaking water sports destinations to explore, owing to the hot water condition prevalence in the region, water sports are very adored in the regions, sports like Scuba diving can be enjoyed in the Arabic shallow water shores which surrounds every coastal strips of the country, many other water sports like yachting can be also be exploited within the coasts of Arabian Gulf, Hawar Islands are some of the pristine destinations to enjoy water sporting activities, Dolphins can be watched playing within such isolated Islands of Bahrain.

Bahrain Sailing Club

Bahrain Yacht Club, Manama:

A.One of the famous and largest Yacht club in Bahrain, just located within the lovely waters of Sitra, the club was established in 1977 with a chief aim of entertaining water sports enthusiasts.

b.It offers a range of water sporting activities with the common one being yachting, many yachting boats can be seen packed along the shores mostly for hire by the enthusiasts, hiring is done at a fee to cover some hours where enthusiasts can go around even with families.

c.There are amazingly many other facilities to be enjoyed around there, nice and lovely hotels, restaurants for refreshments after yachting activities, there are windsurfing activities, sailing, power boating, training also offered for people who want to learn.

d.It has other facilities to entertain the guests and members of the club, the Beach club is there for meals and entertainments, Club House for those who want to take one for the road, hotels and beaches around to exploit.

Dur-rat Marina Club

Dur-rat Marina Club:

a.The club is strategically located within the Islands of Dur-rat with breathtaking views of the Gulf Sea, it’s within the deep waters which is sparklingly clean, the fresh Sea breezes can be experienced here by both members and nonmembers alike.

b.It has many facilities to be exploited by members and guests visiting, membership is prevalent with opportunity for people just visiting for the first time, the region exhibits very calm seas all time round, all year round making it ideal for yachting.

c.It’s uniquely within the hub of interconnected Islands, the three Islands are connected with steel bridges with each of them featuring unique lifestyles, hotels, properties, beaches and all what luxury marine offers.

d.It has wet and Dry Docks facilities, sailing activities, surfing, power boating, luxury beaches, Clubs, hotels and restaurants are available.

Marina Club

Marina Club:

a.Located right within the coastal Gulf of Arabia, it was built from a reclaimed land just near the sinking shores to a beautiful club it’s today in 1981, it’s fully equipped and stocked with all what an enthusiast for water sport can desire, it has a large membership with guest getting in daily.

b.Water sporting activities can be enjoyed by enthusiasts every time of the week though busier on weekends, there are many yachting facilities in a cool harbor to enjoy, sailing, surfing and power boating can be exploited here with modern facilities, guests can pay a fee to enjoy the facilities too.

c.Other facilities like a fully equipped health club can be found here also, a fully equipped gyms for men and ladies, tennis club for all family, Spa facilities for massages and beauty treatments, swimming, squash and more to enjoy.

d.Food and accommodation available around with continental cuisines, Pearl Lebanese Restaurant offers the best, Marina Club Beach pool, Schooner Cafe, beach sand bathes and many water sports activities in plenty.

Al Dar Islands Bahrain

Al Dar Islands Bahrain:

a.The Island is serenely located within the spectacular Northern Sitra in Bahrain deep and cool Arabian Gulf, it offers several fun activities which suits families, guests, and water sports enthusiasts.

b.It has so many facilities making it a very lively destination to enjoy and exploit, many visitors can easily find their way to this pristine destination any time, children activities filled with fun available for family visits.

c.Boats trips available for sailing, power boating, surfing activities can be done in this Island, and the panoramic views of the blue water of the Sea makes it even more lovable while here.

d.Many facilities available for accommodation, fishing trips, pearl collections, Alda restaurant with continental cuisine, nice and tasty foods offered, a relaxing night and evening out with a cool drink, it also offers venues for festivals and dinner for romantic getaways.

Bahrain Sailing Club:

a.Bahrain Sailing club is located within the cool water of the Jazayir beach far off the isolated Gulf of Arabia, within Manama outskirts.

b.It’s just about six kilometers from the main city of Manama near the international circuit region, the facilities are many and amazing, many activities are offered here.

c.Windsurfing is offered here, water-skiing, fishing, Canoeing, diving activities, power boating, yachting activities with many boats to hire by guests.

There are many clubs and several destinations for water sports, the weather condition of the country makes it ideal for water sporting activities, and enthusiasts will find the country ideal to exploit their favorite activities, apply for Bahrain visa to be ready to explore the country yacht destinations.

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