Cakewalk Superyacht – Dalton Designs Inc. – North Palm Beach, FL

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At 281 (85.6m) feet and 2998 tons, this Cakewalk surpasses her four predecessors in size and is the largest yacht built in the US since the 1930s, and possibly the biggest ever built in the States when measured by volume. The sheer amount of space is unparalleled, and opens a world of possibilities for extraordinary design and craftsmanship. Styled by internationally acclaimed yacht designer, Tim Heywood, she embodies everything one comes to expect from a Cakewalk – and more! Step aboard, and you sense something grand is about to happen. From the recessed dining salon ceilings adorned with hand-painted canvases to the majestic staircase ascending to four of the six decks, this elegant motor yacht is the epitome of gracious cruising. And while the spaciousness is akin to that of a country manor, the furnishings, exotic woods and distinctive appointments create an air of unmistakable comfort and warmth.
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This is a legend offshore powerboat built and rigged by Steve Yadvish of North Coast Yachts in Seattle Washington. This is one of two boats that Steve hand crafted from the original 41 War Path mold leased from Apache and you can to this day custom order one and have one built if you so choose to do so. Apache powerboats would NOT let North Coast Yachts use ANY of their deck molds thus leaving North Coast Yachts to create their own deck mold to close in the top of this awesome rig. This boat as most of us original Apache 41 War Path owners know, is a full knock off from the original 41 War Path hull. The rumors going around about this particular boat we need to put to bed right now. First the hull of this boat was NOT narrowed but on all original 41 Apache hulls there was a flare where the rub rail mounts to the hull, This boat does NOT have a rub rail so that in turn makes the boat 3 ¾ inches narrower than the original apaches are. Typical Apache 41 war path hulls are 89 inches in the rear at the transom, this Legend is 85 ¼ inches wide at the transom. The HULL WAS NEVER NARROWED as once originally thought. This legend offshore has been rigged with things that no one else in the industry has ever done with the attention to detail thats second to none. What impressed me the most were the stainless steel hard lines that were used and custom bent from all of the hydraulic pumps all the way back to the transom for the drives and 380S K planes with no rubber or braided lines

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