Caribbean Power Yacht Charters onboard Motor Yacht Shalimar

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Nikon Asia is delighted to launch a series of four exclusive HD video clips in an effort to contribute to the vibrant and growing pool of HD videos created by digital-SLR camera enthusiasts today. Visit for all videos! For this HD Video Showcase, Nikon worked with two guest photographers — Paul Daly, an award-winning photography lecturer of photography, and Giora Dan, an experienced UNESCO photographer — in an exciting project that required them to explore beyond their comfort zones and venture into HD video with the purpose of giving Nikon users a glimpse of what is possible to create with HD video. Interesting subject topics were developed into short video excerpts that utilised the HD video features of Nikon’s D3S, D300S and D7000 digital-SLR camera models. In creating these video clips, Paul and Giora’s main goal was to push the limits and demonstrate what was really possible with HD video on DSLRs beyond still image photography. They sought to express Speed and Movement, which were the main inspirations behind “Blown Away” and “Pacific Island Paradise”, the first two videos to be launched. “Blown Away” This is Giora Dan’s exhilarating land yachting video. For adrenaline-pumping action and excitement, nothing beats the three days he spent at the beach capturing every second of the high-speed action on crystal clear HD video. Giora – “Filming the Land Yacht while clinging to the bonnet was definitely one of the oddest things I have done in my
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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