Donald Starkey 200m Yacht

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Donald Starkey 200m is a unique model, which was developed or designed by the naval architecture. In addition, the designer Donald Starkey was the first in super yard design. The designer would become the largest private yacht in the whole world upon its completion. The approximate accommodation the mega-yacht would hold is 36 guests in the combination of 18 owners, VIP and guest suits.

Donald Starkey 200m Yacht
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Between 70 and 100 crew will centered including captain, crew, and staff. There is a spread a cross an incredible eight decks which has got an estimation of 25 meters, a design drought of 6m and a full-load drought of 6.5m. It has a maximum speed of 20+ knots and a range of 6,000 nautical miles and cruising at 18 knots.

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