High Net Worth on the High Seas

April 21, 2017 by No Comments

One of the trends of the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) is to crave highly personalized, unique experiences that cater to their individual tastes.  This means the boundaries are constantly being pushed in pursuit of pleasure and purpose in the moment, combining rare, one-off experiences with luxurious accommodations.  These individuals find the superyacht experience ticks so many boxes, one out of ten approach superyacht builders in search of the seminal vessel that sets one apart from the herd.  Travelocity offers many ways to quench the thirst for adventure and can do so with the speed and efficiency that any mega-mogul would admire and appreciate.


The ranks of the ultra-wealthy are growing as evidenced by the increase in the minimum net worth to qualify for such distinction – US$30 million globally.  Setting these individuals apart is their preference for “experiences over things.”  Where their grandparents would have shipped home containerloads of goods curated from ancient ruins or mined from centuries old markets, now activities and entertainment are as likely to satisfy their tastes.  The slide show has been replaced with GoPro cameras, allowing more family, friends and associates to experience in real time the adventures many can only dream of experiencing.

After tough negotiations in the conference room or acquiring significant development deals, relaxing aboard a superyacht sailing over smooth waters, hugging the coastline or out at sea makes the hard work worth it.  Comfortable quarters, well-appointed settings, a galley fully staffed for a couple or a crew go a long way to making the race to the top worth every minute. The ultra-wealthy will tell you they got that way by being very smart about the business decisions they made, and saving money is often at the top of that list.  Using Groupon to book your travel can save you additional money when you access Travelocity through the Groupon site.

Increasingly yacht owners show an awareness of the impact these vessels have on the ocean in general and opt for more eco-friendly yachts.  This is evidenced by the tools and technologies incorporated into the design of the superyachts to allow for long-range cruising, increased fuel efficiency and reduced noise and emissions.  It’s also a nod to the very thing the ultra-wealthy have a deep affinity for –  leisure time and the ocean.

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