Largest Racing Trimaran Sailboat in the World – Sailing

February 22, 2012 by No Comments Sailing the Largest Racing Trimaran Sailboat in the World – Banque Populaire V. Sailing the new trimaran sailboat in France. Banque Populaire V ready to set some new world sailing records.
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A film about the Wally 118 in french. The Wallypower uses three DDC TF50s (maritime cousins of the Chinook helicopter engine) driving three KaMeWa waterjets with a total of 20.000 hp for high speed and two diesel engines for everything else – common on small warships, but rare on yachts. The turbine engine brings the boat up to a top speed of 90 knots. The only downside is, is that the boat uses 3500 liters of fuel per hour. The 118 is made entirely from carbon fibre, even the toilet seat and the dining table is made out of carbon fibre. The boat has room for six guests in three en suite staterooms and six crew. There is a more conventional engine option as well: twin 3650-hp MTU 4000 V16 diesels, which Bassani claims will give the boat a 45-knot top speed and around a 40-knot cruise speed. Go for these, and youll also save about million on the asking price (which is .55 million when the yacht is equipped with twin diesels, .83 million as tested, with triple gas turbines).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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