Motor Yacht Haida G

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M/Y HAIDA G, a magnificent 75 years old classic motor yacht from the golden era of private yachting now returns to the charter market. The extensive two year refit by new European Owners, with a passion for the yacht, has restored her to her former glory! The beautiful HAIDA G is a first class luxury gentleman’s yacht built in 1929 from a bygone age, fitted out with traditional quality furniture and fittings. At 218 feet and with seven cabins, she offers unique style for your stay, whether for corporate hospitality or just for a relaxing, luxury cruise. The various saloons including the Library and the beautiful Main Saloon are complemented by the most attractive After Deck with a full dining table and the ultimate cushioned ‘fan-tail’. Altogether a delight to see and be aboard. As the workers of the Krupp Germania Werft laid the keel of a new steel motor yacht one hazy morning in late 1927, no one could have foreseen what a unique and eventful history this newborn ship would experience. Less still might they have imagined that this beautiful yacht, following several transformations and a recent loving and painstaking restoration, would still be gliding through the seas some eighty years later. HAIDA G, originally HAIDA, was built for millionaire yeast producer Max C. Fleischmann (1877-1952) following plans drafted by the New York naval architects Cox and Stevens. The ship was constructed to be especially strong so that it might serve for long scientific, fishing, and
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