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Super Yachts
Image by twiga269 ॐ FreeTIBET
Pelorus – 375 Feet – Year 2003 – Built in Germany. Owned by Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich who also owns Le Grand Bleu and Ecstasea. Pelorus is considered to be one of the most stylish super-yachts afloat and has bulletproof glass, a missile detection system, two helicopters, a submarine and special lights designed to discourage the paparazzi.


2 Replies to “Pelorus”

  1. Hugo L. says:

    wish I was there….on that boat jajajaja.
    nice picture

  2. Papa Razzi1 says:

    "discourage the paparazzi" huh? Nah, not me.

    Nice shot.

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