Photo 103/365 – Rubin (and Tim)

July 7, 2011 by 6 Comments

Photo 103/365 – Rubin (and Tim)
Super Yachts
Image by Aerokev
Photo 103/365 – 13 April 2010.

Day 4. Weather was definitely marginal today, heavily overcast and even drizzle. How dare they on a sunny island holiday?

Based on the highly accurate forecast of improvement tomorrow, we decided to hop across to Airlie Beach using up the transfer that we had as part of our package but didn’t use. It’s off-peak season and the resort and ferry company was happy to oblige.

We have been to Airlie Beach before about 18 months ago, and found ourselves perched at this one cafe for pretty much every meal. Not to mention the awesome Rum Bar next door. I was all set for my meal to be photo of the day until we were wandering back up to Abel Point Marina and came across this dog doing amazing tricks catching a ball.

Not usually my kind of photography but the wife convinced me to give it a go. Tim (the owner) was more than happy to oblige the photo session and Rubin was happy giving it his best go. Rubin’s a Kelpie x Chiwawa x Staffie x Dingo. Super smart and super agile. This is him fully outstretched ready for to pluck the ball from mid-air.

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6 Replies to “Photo 103/365 – Rubin (and Tim)”

  1. Unrelated Patterns says:

    What a fun shot!

  2. Aerokev says:

    Thanks Unrelated! Was awesome fun and a bit challenging, but Rubin was just really fun to watch!

  3. "Olga" says:

    Wow, crazy shot! I love such agile dogs!!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  4. amberherself says:

    Amazing! The real question is – did he make the catch?

  5. Tamarak2010 says:

    Not sure if the dog caught the ball…but you really caught the action here!

    Looks like a fun wing-nut of a dog!

  6. Aerokev says:

    Thanks everyone. Yes he made the catch! In fact he didn’t miss a single catch out of about 15 when I was there taking photos. He does the back flip as well. Think I got a photo of that. Still sorting through literally hundreds of photos from the trip.

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