Power and Motor Yacht Limited Company

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Abbreviated as PMY, the company is based in Perth; Western Australia. It began fifteen years ago by an Australian boat builder called Vikal who has been diligently designing numerous boats called limousines ranging from twenty-four to sixty-one feet.


One of the limousines has a speed of 42.6mph with an adventurous luncheon onshore. This was reciprocation to the challenge by another boat builder called Jon Bannenberg. He nurtured his skills since 1976 and designs state-of-the-art boats and motor yachts (superyachts and megayachts).

Boats and motor yacht tenders
Vikal receives the tenders and builds them to meet international standard requirements. He infuses sophisticated interiors with magnificent exteriors to end up with an envied aesthetics. Vikal’s tenders boasts of a true refection of his culture.

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