Project 1000 Yacht

March 20, 2011 by No Comments

It is a 200 meter model which was developed or designed by the Emocean. The yacht has some features like, motor vehicle garage, two 30 meter day boats, helipad and hanger. On the other parts or places of interest, it has the 20 meter swimming pool for interested people, nightclub for the night enjoyment, casino and games room, and a split level cinema.

Project 1000 Super Yacht
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Concerning the design above, it also includes three beach clubs with a health spa creating a serene environment.

The project 100 has 10 VIP room for the people who are accorded with special privileges, 22 guest suits and an owner deck. It is designed in a unique way with a luxurious interior. It is a great model you do not want to miss.

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