Puerto Banús (II)

May 9, 2011 by 47 Comments

Puerto Banús (II)
Super Yachts
Image by . SantiMB .
Marbella, Málaga (Spain).

Puerto José Banús, more commonly known as Puerto Banús is a marina in Marbella, Spain on the Costa del Sol. It was built in 1970 by José Banús, a local property developer, as a luxury marina and shopping complex for the jet-set and the super rich.

The lavish opening of the complex in May 1970 was attended by, amongst others, the Aga Khan, film director Roman Polanski, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, Dr. Christian Barnard (pioneer of the heart transplant), and Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco. A youthful Julio Iglesias was contracted to sing for the guests for the enormous sum of 125,000 pesetas. An army of 300 waiters from Seville served 50 pounds of Beluga caviar to the 1,700 guests.

The focal point of Puerto Banus is the marina. It has berths for 915 boats, including those of the King of Saudi Arabia and several of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Behind the harbour lie streets filled with bars, boutiques and nightclubs. Behind the main square is a vast El Corte Inglés department store.

The marina has 915 slips for boats and ships from 8 to 50 meters. Its surface area is 15 hectares, and its depth ranges from 3 to 6 meters within the marina, with 7.5 meters at its entrance. There is beach on each side of the marina. Many of the yachts moored within can enjoy an unobstructed view of La Concha mountain, one of the coast’s landmarks.

José Banús himself was a developer with real estate holdings all along the coast. He was an intimate of Francisco Franco’s and was called el constructor del régimen ("the regime’s builder").

Although the superstars have moved to more private destinations, visitors to ‘The Port’ (as it is known by locals) tend to be extremely wealthy tourists from northern Europe (especially UK and Germany) as well as holiday-making Spaniards. Moreover, the city continues to be a hot destination for Europe’s biggest "jetsetters." Recent personages spotted in "el puerto" have included multiple Saudi princes, as well as a famed healthcare economist and a great Taoist philosopher.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puerto_Ban%c3%bas


Puerto José Banús es un puerto deportivo de lujo, situado en la zona denominada Nueva Andalucía, al oeste de Marbella, en España, cerca de otro núcleo de población de Marbella denominado San Pedro de Alcántara.

Este enclave turístico se ha convertido, desde que fue concebido hace 40 años, en el mayor centro de entretenimiento de la Costa del Sol.

Su excepcional localización geográfica y la visita de numerosos personajes populares la convierten en un atractivo destino veraniego, especialmente nocturno.

José Banús fue el promotor más importante de complejos de turismo residencial de la Costa del Sol. Amigo íntimo de Francisco Franco fue llamado «el constructor del Régimen».

Fuente: es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puerto_Ban%c3%bas

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    Una nocturna bien resuelta.
    Mucho lujo y poderío en cada metro cuadrado de Puerto Banús;)
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    Muy bien el prespectivo ! maraviloso foto de noche ! los luzez muy hermoso ! Saludos !

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    Excellent lighting! Best ever!

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    Que lugares tan hermosos e interesantes nos has compartido, Santi; tu arte debería ser utilizado por el Ministerio de Turismo Español…

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    Ahora voy por la mitad, más o menos. Que yo cuando viajo, viajo de verdad. 😉

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    Just fabulous the way you captured this night scene, Santi!

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    No se cómo me lo monto pero consigo evitarlos. 😉

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    this IS nightlife, can’t wait to have a drink there with flickr friends like you …. but maybe it is not a bar, what a pity 😕

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    Beautiful lighting….A wonderful shot.

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    Molt bona foto nocturna!

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    Muy buena toma nocturna.
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