Super-Yacht Mayan Queen in London

April 28, 2011 by 3 Comments

Super-Yacht Mayan Queen in London
Super Yachts
Image by IanVisits
Super-Yacht, Mayan Queen arriving in London.

Owner unconfirmed, but rumoured to be Mexican billionaire, Alberto Baillères.

Claimed to be the 17th largest private yacht in the world.

Will be in London until Thur 28th May – due to pass under Tower Bridge at 5:45pm.

3 Replies to “Super-Yacht Mayan Queen in London”

  1. zpjet says:

    cool! have you seen the bridge being opened for her? i had my mum and sis over and paradoxically we were just doing london bridge tour seeing computer simulations how it looks like when the bridge opens. silly huh?

  2. furtive says:

    zpjet: Tower Bridge, not London bridge. I guess you weren’t listening to the tour very well :p

  3. zpjet says:

    heh yaa 🙂 but i guess it did go under the tower bridge, we were comparing some photos from before and after and apparently it had to pass under it ca 4pm. shame they didn’t tell us! but it’s amazing how quietly the bridge goes up that we didn’t feel anything.

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