The Fastest Vestas Sailrocket 2

March 3, 2011 by No Comments

The new VESTAS SailRocket 2 is to be unveiled to the public on the 8th of March, after more than fifteen months of constant design and building. The sail rocket team has been on a daunting task of designing a new safer and faster boat ever seen on the Isle of Wight.

VESTAS SailRocket 2

The team has been pursuing the Outright World Speed Sailing Record for the past nine years as it has been raised by exactly 9 knots. The kite surfers are the current world holders.

VESTAS SailRocket 2

Since its first launch in 2004, many lessons have helped the sail rocket team to achieve their goal. It is quite prestigious to beat the kite surfers and regain the record. They think that they have everything to be winners since they have been humbled by the hurdled experience.

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