The Yacht Week – Greece

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This video encapsulates the great Mediterranean atmosphere that is found in the Greek Archipelago . Book your own yacht at 224 Bookings were made from 20 countries for 2011 in 24h! Directed & Edited by: Mattis Gustafsson – Director of Photography: Erik Nordlund – Music: Donavon Frankenreiter – Free
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For more info, contact Tom Jenkins @ 772-201-1800 or; Website: Great charisma, perfect balance, and harmonious proportions. An ambitious idea and painstaking planning brought together to create the ultimate concept of comfort, a fluid and aggressive design and maximum performance. Absolute style on a new scale. Modern, stylish, and exclusive. Technological materials such as steel or the cozy warmth of oak and wenge. A highly-original superstructure that has created space for new environments like the small lounge that doubles as a study. Plus, a supremely comfortable dinette and four incredibly luxurious cabins. Revolutionary technology. A Vericolor Gas Turbine engine that offers incredible power of up to 5100 hp as a booster. Originally designed for the aeronautics industry, this turbine engine has been adapted for the yachting sphere with immense dedication and expertise resulting in extraordinary performance, stability, smooth handling, and exceptional stress resistance. 52 knots: more an open challenge than a complacent achievement. A brilliant idea that knows how to fly high.

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