Water Ski Behind 112 feet Yacht LakeTrash.com members

May 20, 2012 by No Comments

Water skiing behind JT’s 115 foot Yacht in the Caribbean! Awesome Video another priceless lake trash moment Lake Trash Water skiing behind JT’s 100 foot Yacht in the Caribbean! Water skiing is what Lake Trash is all about, especially when your water skiing behind JT’s 112 foot Broward Yacht. Water skiing can help people stay in shape, but they can also get hurt easily. One example is when Rick Treadway broke a rib or two falling on the water ski in the Caribbean. I’m wondering if the USA Water Ski is a national governing body for water skiing and works through the Water Skiers with Disabilities Association to serve individuals with disabilities, would approve lake trash members slalom water ski behind the Broward 112 foot yacht. It’s to bad we didn’t have a better video camera and capture this really funny ho hyperlight slalom ski, making it look easy I’m surprised the manual of HO Hyperlight water skiing equipment to persons of all interests and levels of water skiing ability “not to try this at home!”

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