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32m Motor Yacht from Peri Yachts If you are not the kind that sits back and accepts the status quo, you are already in harmony with the Peri. This MCA compliant high technology yacht was made to challenge the traditional standards of luxury yachting. From her speed and superior handling to her sense of spaciousness and style, she proves that in yachting the only way forward is to exceed your own expectations. New contemporary spirit is injected to the world of luxury mega yachts and this Peri is there to guarantee this by her dynamic profile and sweeping interior volumes. This custom made Peri 32 represents the avant garde through her material usage and approach to luxury. A jewel to crown your achievements. More details: Slicing through the water and recognizable by its sleek, aerodynamic lines, the Peri composite yacht is build for performance. The E Glass Fibers & Epoxy composite sandwich structure with advanced technology foam combine speed with stability, a stiff hull and an absence of vibrations for a supreme sense of navigating pleasure. The designers of this yacht decided to glorify the sense of space already so apparent in her smaller sister the Peri29, by keeping the same number of rooms though making them even bigger. The pilot house stands at the new half deck and the master cabin spreads out majestically on the main deck. The increased volume of this stateroom has allowed for special refinements such as a state of the art bathroom with custom made Jacuzzi
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Class 3 sand yachts in action on the beach at Hoylake.
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