Big Boats – Sydney Harbour

June 30, 2011 by 2 Comments

Big Boats – Sydney Harbour
Super Yachts
Image by iansand
Some of the little ones. Only 50 or 60 feet. They looked tiny next to Wild Oats and Alfa Romeo.

Most years the maxis and super maxis that come to Sydney for the Sydney Hobart Race have an inshore race around the Harbour. These three were shot during that race on 13 December 2005.

On Mrs Macquaries Chair, Sydney Australia, looking northish towards Fort Denison. [?]

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2 Replies to “Big Boats – Sydney Harbour”

  1. c.nix says:

    I would imagine you already know this, but those are Open 60’s. They’re built for singlehanded round the world racing. The one in the middle is Hugo Boss, skippered by Alex Thompson. It failed to finish the 2004 Vendee Globe, due to a failed gooseneck fitting on the boom, which holed the deck, forcing him to retire from the race in Cape Town. Sweet shot. Wish I could see some boats like this where I live.

  2. iansand says:

    It was pretty good. The racing was so close between AR and WO that, at first, WO completely concealed AR when they came around Garden Island after about 5 km of racing. AR won by 13 secs after a 20+ km course – incredible racing for such big boats in enclosed waters.

    The race is an annual event for all the maxis and super maxis that have arrived for the Sydney Hobart (starts on 26 Dec). I might try and get some pictures of that start, but it is usually a complete zoo on and off the water. Mass spectating of a yacht race start is a bizarre post Christmas tradition down here.

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