5-storey Superyacht Hotel in London’s East End


In a place with some of the most expensive property prices in the world, the Sunborn Superyacht Hotel has turned its gaze to London’s many waterways, and it’s not the first European city in the company’s sights.

The London berth has been leased for the next 15 years, with views of looming skyscrapers, and the low roar of airplanes from nearby City Airport overhead.

Photo Source: edition.cnn.com

“I think it is definitely the future of design, because there are so many cities with large marinas and rivers that could be used as well,” said Nowacka, Sunborn events and sales manager.
You can see it especially in central London, where we are running out of space in terms of building new hotels.

Rooms cost between $300 and $1,600 per night, but you will enjoy an amazing yachy journey.

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