Designing Of the Ay45 Yacht

July 3, 2011 by No Comments

A new yacht is under construction at alloy yachts and will be availed to the public in 2012. It is much larger and a state-of-the -art replica of what they own presently (the AY8 eclipse). It is a fusion of all the adorable elements of the AY8.

Ay45 Yacht

The AY45 is 43.9 meters tall and designed by Dubois Naval Architects who acquired their experience from venturing for fourteen years on voyage using the AY8 eclipse.

The prime owners of AY8 eclipse have laid down several steps on the new yacht which are an extension of an outside comfort for a better taste of fishing or to just enjoy the adventure of sailing. They see it as a marvelous transformation from the previous one.

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