John Wayne’s Yacht “Wild Goose”

November 6, 2011 by No Comments

A compilation of images showing John Wayne’s famous “Wild Goose” with film scores from some of the Duke’s memorable movies. From her Navy configuration to present, experience a walk through time inside and out of the “Wild Goose” and its many art treasures of the Yacht and the Duke. YMS-1 Class Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper: Laid down 6 July 1942 by the Ballard Marine Railway Co., Seattle, WA; Launched, 19 December 1942; Completed, 26 May 1943; Commissioned YMS-328; Decommissioned, 29 October 1946; Struck from the Naval Register, 29 October 1946; Sold 26 January 1948 to Hal Jones of Seattle, WA; Sold to Max Wyman; Sold again in 1965 to John Wayne and renamed Wild Goose; Upon John Wayne’s death in 1979 the Wild Goose was sold again and as of 2003 is still in operation as a cruise yacht. US Navy Specifications: Displacement 270 tons.; Length 136′; Beam 24′ 6″; Draft 8′; Speed 15 kts; Complement 32; Armament one 3″/50 dual purpose gun mount, two 20mm, two dcp; Propulsion two 880bhp General Motors 8-268A diesel engines, Snow and Knobstedt single reduction gear, two shafts.
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