Lake Havasu Todays News Herald

April 27, 2011 by No Comments

Lake Havasu Todays News Herald
The Obama administration put out a disturbingly weak statement last week after the latest piracy outrage off the coast of Somalia. Four Americans vacationing on a 58-foot yacht died during a standoff between a U.S. warship and the pirate crew that seized their vessel.
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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to make first visit to Ireland
Queen Elizabeth II will make her first-ever visit to the Republic of Ireland — the first ruling British monarch to go there in a century marked by Ireland’s brutal war of independence from Britain and the grueling conflict in Northern Ireland.
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Mandeville looking at new way to spend grant money; launch claims denied
The grant has already been awarded to dredge a boat launch at Jackson Avenue, but now the city of Mandeville is unable to do the work because the Army Corps of Engineers has denied the necessary permit.
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