Made in Germany | Using Honeycomb Technology to Build a Super-Yacht

April 10, 2012 by No Comments

A new high-tech yacht called ‘The Container’ is expected to make quite a splash at the “Boot 2009” – the Düsseldorf International Boat Show which takes place from January 17th to 25th. ‘The Container’ is the latest yacht from industry trend-setter Schütz, which is in fact not a classic yacht-building firm but specializes in the development and production of construction components. The company’s venture into the area of yacht production has proved a huge success: In fact, it was a vessel from Schütz which won the 1993 Admiral Cup. Ultimately, it is the focus on material which makes Schütz special – the firm creates lightweight construction material – including the honeycombs that can be found in the Airbus A380. So, despite its 20 meter length, ‘The Container’ manages to be relatively light. The materials were developed by engineer Peter Kress. DW reporter Holger Trzeczak met Kress at his office in western Germany where the pair visited the Schütz production lines and boarded ‘The Container’.

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