MarineMax – Cabo Yachts Zeus Drive Video

November 24, 2011 by No Comments

The 40 Express holds status as one of the most successful models in the CABO Yachts fleet. With superior construction and fishability, its hard to imagine that this boat could get any better. Hard to imaginebut not impossible. In partnership with Cummins MerCruiser Diesel, the new CABO 40 Zeus Express introduces the latest in propulsion technology: CMD Zeus pod drives. With an incomparable level of performance, the 40 CABO Zeus Express features numerous benefits, including easier docking with Skyhook GPS; enhanced fuel efficiency and maneuverability; and pricing equal to that of a standard propulsion 40 Express. Featuring a joystick control for effortless maneuvering, the CMD Zeus pod drive system is unlike any other in the industry. The joystick and its extremely responsive system require only one hand to control. Everything from speed and lateral tracking to spinning on a z-axis dime can be directed using the joystick. The maneuverability and power in this system provide tremendous simplicity in all docking and fishing situations. Find out more at
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