Over 50 years, Bay of Pigs vets shaped Cuba, US

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Over 50 years, Bay of Pigs vets shaped Cuba, US
In the weeks before U.S.-backed exiles invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, Felix Rodriguez was spirited into the island to work with underground forces against Fidel Castro’s fledgling revolutionary government. A 19-year-old named Santiago Alvarez stood ready in the Florida Keys for orders to attack by sea, while another exile, Alfredo Duran, trained in Guatemala for a beachfront assault at Playa …
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Queen Victoria’s 1900 visit to Ireland caused huge fuss and bother – VIDEO
An Irish Office of Public Works (OPW) file, to be auctioned at Whyte’s auctioneers in Dublin, details the panic and huge organization involved in Queen Victoria’s visit to Ireland 111 years ago.
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Paul Allen defends new book on ’60 Minutes’
The Microsoft co-founds says the memoir was meant as an important slice of technology history and not revenge against Bill Gates.
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