7Cs-Superyacht Concept

March 27, 2011 by No Comments

7Cs-superyacht is a luxurious cruiser that is able to boast and accommodate layout aimed at re-creating same levels of spaces and leave its owner at his comfort just as if he would experience within his homestead.

7Cs-Superyacht Concept

A 125 meter, and 7cs drive displacement yacht design is an innovation of nine-muscled team. This team ideologically crafted a lean reverse stem and wave shaped hull technology ant this coupled to others make the look of the vessel to be exactly flat.

7Cs-Superyacht Concept

Its specifications are the finest leaving it suitably fit to the user.

These designers also include special feature which are; Jacuzzi, Unique interior atrium, Accommodation that is enough for 12 guests, and 24 crew members, and a sunken pool located on the front part.

The estimated cruising speed according to Drive in 7Cs is over 20 knots an approximation of around 5,500 nautical miles.

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