Superyachts DENVONPORT Concepts

March 21, 2011 by No Comments

Superyachts just like its name suggest exceed all other vessels in size. Designed by Emocean Yacht Design, the 165 meter DEVONPORT OneSixty is able to suit all clients as the best yacht Design.

Superyachts DENVONPORT Concepts

Some of it features are which makes it distinguishable from others are; 360 degrees observation deck, 17 VIPs rooms, and an entire deck which is dedicated specifically to the owner.

Moreover, owners and guests have their own transport while on airport. This is because the gadgets and toys include a drive-in vehicle garage with a helipad and hangar that allow them to arrive in comfort.

Superyachts DENVONPORT Concepts

While it would not be easy to access Super yacht via the port and beaches, 20 meter boats are availed to ease this.
The DEVONPORT one sixty reach speed of 28 knots maximally which is enabled by a cruising sped of 20 knots and can accommodate 32 guests.

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